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Reduced risk of privacy violations.
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Benefits changes the way you deal with photo-related privacy concerns.
Our AI engine takes over the tedious task of blurring faces.

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Save Money

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No more excuses. Handle privacy with ease.


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Face Recognition

Define persons who won't get blurred


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How does it work?

The heart of is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is capable of finding faces on photos. All found faces are blurred automatically.

Why are you doing this?

Like many of you, we also have been confronted with privacy concerns due to persons portrayed on photos without their consent.
Because it wasn't just one but dozens of photos in question, we've either ignored the concerns (which is bad) or didn't publish the photos (which isn't cool).
As we weren't able to find a solution to the problem, we took matters in our own hands and started working on

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